My Sams Photofact Collection so far to date....
Please come again sometime......

Currently I have Issues CB4 to CB49 of Sams Photofacts for CB radios
I will list (Over time) the issues I have, and the radios each issue covers, please feel free to email me at lnytns at comcast dot net (To get rid of spamers) with the issue and make of radio you would need a copy of

CB4 September 1963
Airline GAS-587; Cadre 510; Eico 740, 771W,772W; Fanon FCB-9;Gonset G-15(3428), G-15(3429); Heath Gw-11a/11d,GWW-11a-11d,GW21-GWW21, GW31-GWW31; Lafayette HE-15b, HE20b;Masco MCB-9; Monitoradio TG-1; Pearce-Simpson Companion; Poly-Comm Senior 23; Radiocom 27C-2A-2b-2C; Raytheon Ray-Tel TWR-2, Raycom; Realtone TR-6134; Sonar E(Revised); Sony CB-901; Triumph TC-900, TC-900A; Utica T&CII
CB5 March 1964
HallicraftersCB-3A, CB-5; Hallmark 512; Heath GW-12A/D, GWW-12A/D, GW22A/D GWW22A/D; Johnson Messenger Two 242-162,242-163,250-810,250-811; KAAR TR327, TR327A, TR327B; Lafayette HE-20c, HE-90; Olson RA-530, RA-590; Panasonic T-1; Raytheon Ray-Tel TWR-3; Realistic TRC-27A; Regency Range Gain; Sampson M10, R101A, R102, T110A, VM12-120; Webster 440





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