Jimmy's Page Because I wanted one for him

This is the page I have set up in rememberance of a very good person, who is missed everyday

We Miss you so much Cuz

If any of you have pictures of Jimmy that you would like me to post on this site,
please feel free to email me below with the picture that you would like to see,
and I will try to accomodate it and integrate it into this page

Jimmy's Song (C.Beck)

It happened in Mid-summer
When we got the news
that we lost another brother
he left us way too soon
he left behind his wife
and his 6 year old son
to pick up all the pieces
an uphill battle to be won


Brothers in Arms
We make our Pledge
Be Behind one another
At the very edge
Through thick and Thin
we will keep our Vow
to help one another
Til we take our own bow

End Chorus

Docs were sayin that his sickness
had gotten really bad
He kept jokin 'Im gonna kick this'
but the prognosis was sad

But in the End though He was half the man
That He used to be
it didnt even look like him
in that coffin to me
as I stood there staring silently
Down at little Jim
I shed one tear and whispered
God Take good care of him

His Dad passed on
From this world
Not a year 'fore him
God Already had Twin Harleys upstairs
for 'Big and little Jim'
I heard a Rumble of thunder
as i went out the front door
I went and chuckled a very small laugh
thinkin what that rumblin's for
Both are up in heaven
on their new harleys you see
Arguin which one's better
They best save one for me
So here we are a wonderin
what else is in store
Never truly knowin when
We'll see our own exit door
until that day live it up
dont let sorrow rule your head
otherwise you've given up
and you might as well be dead

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